Update 2: We did it! YOTHEWORLD won the Peoples Choice Award from the Yo Hackathon in San Francisco. The $2500 prize money is on its way to Watsi. Thank you so much for your support! There was no way that we could have done it without you. And a shoutout to Business Insider, The Guardian, and Watsi for helping us with publicity. Thank you, thank you.
Updated July 6, 2014 at 3:45PM
Update: We underestimated Malaika's popularity-- she has been fully funded (yay for her!)! So, we are doing what we promised and donating the money to help patients like Manjese, a little girl who has trouble walking as well as Watsi's general fund if we win!
Updated July 2, 2014 at 8:00AM
The Simplest Charity Campaign Ever
Yo us at YOTHEWORLD to help an impoverished little girl get life-saving heart surgery. That's it.
The details:
As part of the Yo Hackathon, if we get the most Yo subscribers by July 4th, Yo will award YOTHEWORLD with $2500 USD. We don't need this money. But Malaika, an impoverished four year-old girl with Down Syndrome from Haiti does. She has a condition where blood flows abnormally in her heart, which will be fatal if she doesn't get surgery soon.

If YOTHEWORLD wins this $2500 for most subscribers, we will donate all of the prize money to Malaika. Please help Malaika by simply sending a Yo to YOTHEWORLD.

The one second you spend pressing a button to Yo us could give Malaika a chance at life. What are you waiting for? Yo us at YOTHEWORLD and spread the word!

Here's how to YO!

1.) Download the yo app on your iPhone or Android device
2.) Create a Yo account
3.) Tap on the "+" and add "YOTHEWORLD"
4.) TAP ON "YOTHEWORLD" to send a Yo

We know that Malaika's Watsi page won't accept all of the $2500. We will give the leftover money to Watsi's Universal Fund to fund other patients who need medical care.
We promise that you will never receive any spammy Yo's from us.
YOTHEWORLD aspires to show everyone how powerful online donor charities like Watsi are. They represent a new wave of charities that allow donors to track exactly who and where their money goes to. It’s a freaking awesome model. We want to show everyone in the world how awesome it is. You can reach us at contact@yotheworld.org.

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